25 March 2010

Football in a paragraph

Football used to be an easy game. The big lads played at centre-half and centre-forward, the hard lads played at full-back, the bright lads played at inside forward, the hard lads who were a bit bright and the bright lads who were a bit hard played at wing-half, and the little, quick lads played on the wing. Left-footers played on the left and right-footers played on the right. And the one with no mates went in goal.
"Used to be"? Isn't 99% of football still like this? (Give or take some positional mutation, of course.) Nevertheless, this is another example of Jonathan Wilson being quite good.


Adrian 25/3/10 10:33 AM  

Read this yesterday too and thought the same. great intro.

Apropos of not much: did you Sid Lowe's description for Messi's close control? I'm paraphrasing but: the ball is like an obedient dog at his feet.

I'm not a big Sid man myself, but that's a spot-on image.

Fredorrarci 25/3/10 7:32 PM  

Ah yes:

He doesn't even seem to kick it most of the time: like a faithful dog, it just runs alongside him.

As you say: spot-on, especially with regard to the way he beat the first fella for that goal (not the man he dispossessed -- the next one).

Rob Marrs 26/3/10 2:13 PM  

Ha, I thought it was a very good... if a few days behind myself and even further behind When Saturday Comes...

Still, he is top class!

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