05 February 2010

Down to the hollow, and there we will wallow

So Giants Stadium is no more. Jason Clinkscales got onto the field after the Giants' last game there in December, filming it for posterity. Meanwhile, Adrian Russell has bid farewell to the ground by reminding those of you who need reminding of its greatest moment (not that we're biased or anything):


Elliott 6/2/10 6:00 AM  

I am so glad that I can count on you and Adrian's unbiased reporting

mike 10/2/10 12:39 PM  

Thought this might be of interest - just read a great interview with BBC’s reporter Jacqui Oatley (she was the first woman to commentate on match of the day) here: http://www.betweenthelines.me.uk/

I thoroughly recommend it!

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