24 December 2009

Toronto wassail

The gentlemen at the top-notch NBA viddycasty thing The Basketball Jones go a-carolling, what with St. Stephen's Day Eve approaching fast, ie. as fast as any point in time approaches, assuming speed significantly below that of light. And so forth.

As good as this is, the Jones served up something even better last year when they persuaded *cough* the Boston Celtics' Brian Scalabrine to open his heart about his feelings towards Lebron James in rap form. Sadly, this happened a shade too soon to report here at the time, but in the spirit of giving and all that gubbins, here it is. My favourite parts are when *ahem* Scot Pollard shows up, and this excerpt:

And when I'm on the court, 1.8 points, son
Extrapolate that over 40 and who's the real chosen one?
Chances are this won't make any sense if you didn't follow the 2008 NBA playoffs, but there you go. Google and whatnot.


Elliott 24/12/09 4:36 AM  

I would just like to point out that as a Kansan by birth, I have followed Scot Pollard's career since college...and that is undoubtedly the highlight.

But at least he's not Eric Chenowyth, or Greg Ostertag, or Nick Collison, or... (insert tall white guy too slow to play guard and too short to play center)

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