14 November 2009

The LSD No-No

First: I know this site looks like it's becoming just a collection of interesting videos. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course, but lately there's been a lack of 3,500-word essays telling you exactly how wrong you are about a particular sporting issue. I'm also aware that whenever there's a post on a blog telling you there's going to be some new stuff real soon, I promise!, it's usually a sign that said blog has but days to live. So take as you will my promise that there is some properly patronising fascinating stuff in the works, including a post it's only taken me two months to get round to writing the first two paragraphs of. ETA: whenever. Subscribe, damn you.

Second: the video. I'm slightly annoyed that I had never heard of Dock Ellis until I saw this WFMU blog post in September. Turns out he threw a no-hitter — a very good baseball thing, my sources tell me — while still feeling the effects of the acid he took the night before. The No Mas site has created this wonderful animated representation of Mr. Ellis' astounding feat, with narration from the man himself. Enjoy.


j 14/11/09 3:04 AM  

just wrote a narration of this very event in the style of Coelho for a class; teacher loved it. one of the most (literally) unbelievable feats in sports, ever.

Ted 14/11/09 5:53 AM  

Saw this earlier today before you posted it; I guess it's spreading. One of the best vids I've seen in a while. "I'm high as a Georgia Pine".

Fredorrarci 14/11/09 2:11 PM  

So you don't buy it, j?

Elliott 14/11/09 6:17 PM  

With all the prescribed pain medications and injections, I can believe it. Great video Fredo

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