20 November 2009


To wash the sour taste of everything out of our mouths, by which I mean my mouth, what could be better than Cesc Fabregas, Bacary Sagna, Theo Walcott and Andrey "But I wanted the owl costume!" Arshavin dressed head-to-foot as animals for the sake of charidee?

(Not shown: Walcott's shoulder disintegrating under the weight of the costume.)

H/T: Kickette


Brian 20/11/09 10:46 PM  

Also Van Persie's hamstring snapping as he attempted to tuck his calf into the leg of his beaver suit.

Still, though. This is clearly the greatest thing to appear on the internet this month.

Elliott 21/11/09 3:46 AM  

I really bought Arshavin and his "do I really have to do this" performance. Very convincing method acting, and the twinkle in his eye at the end was a nice touch.

Walcott really was overeager - no stage future I'm sorry to say. A shame too what with the prime location in London

NickDunmore 24/11/09 2:08 AM  

"Hey kid! Have you ever seen an owl do the worm?"

"Yeah...once. The worm wasn't really into it though."

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