14 October 2009

For the day that's in it

On the day of a big, big Uruguay-Argentina World Cup game at the Estadio Centenario, here's some film from the 1930 finals. The Centenario was built for this, the first World Cup, and was of course the venue for the final between the two aforementioned teams. If I were to draw up a list of the matches in history I wish I could have attended, this would be very near the top.

Also included in this film is footage from Uruguay's triumphs at the 1924 and 1928 Olympic Games and from the construction of the Centenario. Enjoy.

(Long-time readers may remember that I posted this film before. Two things: those videos have since been removed from YouTube; and, more importantly, it's wonderful, so sssshhh.)


Elliott 16/10/09 6:31 PM  

I hereby give you permission to post that wonderful video as many times as you like - and I shan´t tell St. Peter

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