05 October 2009

Casillas (pron. /miˈlagro/)


Brian Phillips 5/10/09 11:49 PM  

In some of the replays the ball is moving too fast for me to follow it. I can't understand how he does it.

Eric Freeman 6/10/09 4:12 AM  

Incredible saves.

I submit that this is an early contender for match of the season. Tremendously fun to watch the entire time.

Richard Whittall 6/10/09 5:08 AM  

Casillas is amazing, but why does French announcing always annoy the hell out of me?

Anonymous,  11/10/09 4:59 PM  

!!! Phenomenal. I'd just like to see a better angle and a slower view of that first one. Thanks for that one - love the blog.

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