25 September 2009

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You may have noticed that one of your favourite sports blogs to have stills from Ripping Yarns at the top of the page has been rather tumbleweed-friendly of late. What can I say? You get what you pay for! But, heh heh, seriously, heh heh heh, no, really, if I can be serious for a moment, heh heh — I do make myself howl sometimes, Jemima, I really do! — other stuff has been afoot, preventing me from devoting my fullest attention to this here space. The nurse has assured me that, assuming the medication has no nasty side effects, normal service will shortly resume.

While you await delivery of part one of my epic series Anders Limpar: The player Cantona wished he could have been, here's a friendly reminder: if somehow you are bored, irritated or offended by the attention Barcelona receive, there's always the new series of The X Factor. Dermot O'Leary is totally non-threatening, I promise.

Also, for no good reason other than that there's always a good reason:


Ryan 25/9/09 2:16 AM  

If there was a website that did nothing but post videos of Barca scoring beautiful goals combined with the sweet sounds of Gal & Friends playing Tropicalia, I would probably subscribe that site to my Google reader.

Like, instantly.

Elliott 5/10/09 7:31 PM  

Ah Os Mutantes, did they inspire David Byrne, or vice versa? Or vice vice versa?

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