07 September 2009


A question: if you use a sport blog to post a post that has nothing to do with sport, which bath empties first? No conferring, now.

Some of you doubtless spotted that the title of the most-recent-but-one post here was purloined from the Beatles song 'You Never Give Me Your Money'. Those of you who didn't spot it, of course, will not have spotted it. One of the remarkable things about the Beatles is that even though so many of their songs have lodged themselves into the public consciousness, there still lurk other tracks of equal splendour which reveal themselves only with the application of a little bit of nerdery, or "listening to the albums", as it is also known. 'Hey Bulldog' is one. 'Good Morning Good Morning' blows most of the rest of Sgt. Pepper away. (Just avoid the Dave Matthews versions of the latter two songs. Trust me on this.) And 'You Never Give Me Your Money' might just be the best number on Abbey Road. Like 'Complete Control' by the Clash, it represents the death of an ideal: the end of the sixties, the commercialisation of the punk spirit. Or they're both whines about some business dealings gone awry. Whatever. The point is they're good, okay?

Speaking of Beatles nerdery, this might be the finest example I've seen:

Finally, in case you were wondering what Sir William (now Lord) Rees-Mogg's comedy sketch 'Bitchmother, Come Light My Bottom' is like, voici:

I shall now wait and see how long it takes someone to find Sport Is A TV Show by using "bitchmother" as a keyword. Soupy twist.


NickDunmore 8/9/09 12:57 AM  

Did you ever see the Morrissey take-off in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends?

Yeah, it wasn't as good.

Fredorrarci 8/9/09 3:12 PM  

I heard there was an episode of Balamory where they just sang Arab Strap songs.

Anonymous,  8/9/09 4:00 PM  

That video made my day. What a find.

NickDunmore 10/9/09 12:55 AM  

"Hullo Archie! Whut are ye goan tae sing fr'us today?"

"Well Miss Hoolie, I'll be singing 'Fucking Little Bastards' from Monday at the Hug and Pint.

...And a one, and a two, and a one-two-three-four"

Elliott 16/9/09 4:31 PM  

"You never give me your money" and "suspicious minds" by Elvis always pop into my head during the January transfer window period

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