15 September 2009

Fr. Michael Jordan accepts his Golden Cleric award

From the Father Ted episode "A Christmassy Ted", first broadcast December 1996.

TED: Well. (Pause.) Well, well, well ... (He looks at the audience.) I see a lot of familiar faces here today. Some more welcome than others. It looks as though I've had the last laugh on a lot of people who didn't really think I had it in me to be a brilliant priest. But what I would say to those people is: look at me now...

Fade out. Fade back.

TED: ... but I eventually escaped from his headlock. And where are you now, Father Eamonn Hunter? Working with some pygmies in the South Seas. And where am I? Accepting a Golden Cleric Award for being a top priest...

Fade out. Fade back. We notice there's less people in the seats. Ted natters away, oblivious.

TED: ... 'Yes, of course', he thought. 'It'd be a great idea to pour water on this young novice's mattress'. But of course, thirty years later, the smile has been very much wiped off Father Barry Kiernan's face...

Fade out. Fade back. There are only a few priests left.

TED: ... and now we move on to 'Liars'. Ahem. Father Peter Sorton. Father Desmond Cairns...


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