25 August 2009

Welcome to the daylight at the back of my mind

Webbie at Football & Music has posted some football-related Half Man Half Biscuit goodies on his site today, which are well worth checking out, need it even be emphasised. One could easily dedicate an entire blog to the sporty bits in Half Man Half Biscuit songs. With any luck, Sport Is A TV Show will ascend to such blessed heights one day, right after I've posted my 20,000-word defence of Nicklas Bendtner. (You think I'm joking...)

Given the strife unfolding AS I TYPE at Upton Park, where mummy, mummy, the big boys are fighting!, I thought I might tread on Webbie's toes and enlighten your poor, HMHBless hearts (where applicable) in a topical stylee. Above is the song 'Uffington Wassail'. It's only briefly pertinent to the events in question, admittedly, but it's great. Below is 'Even Men With Steel Hearts', in which the Lads suggest a way in which the trouble could have been avoided. Sing along!


Webbie @ Football and Music 26/8/09 3:56 AM  

As I mentioned in an email to you, reading the lyrics to certain songs is sometimes funnier than listening to it. But judge for yourselves.

I didn't add the link in my post and was going to in a future one, about the Four Four Two blog entry on HMHB which pisses all over ours:
(please feel free to edit/delete this paragraph if you don't want everyone know that there is better than us out there)

As for a blog dedicated entirely to HMHB sportingly linked songs: You know that JC at the Vinyl Villain does a regular Friday post on just one artist.
This maybe be something for you.

But not before you do that discourse on Bendtner. I'm serious now.

Fredorrarci 26/8/09 3:49 PM  

Now there's an idea. I might just do that at some stage.

And you're right about the Four Four Two article: it's a terrific overview of the HMHB-football connection. And completely correct about HMHB's greatness, of course.

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