28 July 2009


...MI5 whistleblower, doomsdayist, anti-"Zionist conspiracy" campaigner who believes that 9/11 was an inside job, soi-disant re-incarnation of Jesus Christ who believes that "Castrol GTX adverts are a subliminal reference to God" and that David Icke is his John the Baptist, and transvestite whose feminine alter ego is Delores Kane (and who might therefore be a Dé Dannan fan...) was responsible for Middlesbrough's run to the UEFA Cup final in 2006?


Via OkeyDokeFootball


Elliott 28/7/09 2:03 PM  

Whoa this is WAY too much truth for one morning and one post Fredo. My hands are trembling and its definitely not the caffeine

Brian 28/7/09 2:57 PM  

"Some of his former friends are concerned that he has suffered some form of mental collapse."

The start of that sentence features one of the more intriguing uses of the word "some" I can ever remember encountering.

j 28/7/09 6:01 PM  

what light was he channeling during Boro's relegation?

Webbie @ Football and Music 28/7/09 10:40 PM  

Ah I would have guessed Piers Morgan..

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