19 July 2009


I promise I'll get back to posting some angsty 5,000-word essays instead of just YouTube clips (pah — I promise nothing), but I can't resist this. It's the only goal of Thursday's Europa League 2nd qualifying round first leg between Brøndby and Flora Tallinn, and the scorer is Flora's Tõnis Vanna. I'll say no more except to re-iterate: Grafite's goal was a joke.

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Natdanai Yongsawai 19/7/09 3:43 AM  

GOD!! That's a fantastic goal!

perfect shooting...


redduffman 19/7/09 4:09 PM  

Keeper will be disappointed with that.

Richard Whittall 19/7/09 11:28 PM  

That is what we call in the business an 'Em El Es' goal.

Richard Whittall 19/7/09 11:33 PM  

As in, "how the hell did we manage skill like that all of a sudden?"

NickDunmore 20/7/09 1:21 AM  

I like how his teammate gives up the chase and starts running for cover. Sensible.

Elliott 20/7/09 7:41 PM  

I demand a 5,000 word essay by 5pm central time American, and a minimum of 3 Sartre references and 2 Heidegger citations.

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