07 June 2009


Okay, fine — be like that. No no, don't bother with your words, it's too late now. I mean, if you really meant it, you would have said something already. Do you know how insincere you sound? You don't, do you? You have no goddamn idea! Not a clue! And there was me about to post a 4,500-word epic on the Tao of Emmanuel Eboué, for your betterment, I hasten to add. But no, I guess if you don't really care, then it'll have to remain unread. Unread and unloved....NO I'M NOT CRYING JUST GO AWAY GO AWAY REALLY QUITE QUICKLY PLEASE NOW PLEASE NOW!!!


Brian 8/6/09 3:38 PM  

I'm still waiting for this Eboué post...

Fredorrarci 8/6/09 8:09 PM  

Pffft, you're way too late. I wiped it from my hard drive and then burned the hard drive, just to spite everyone.

Richard Whittall 10/6/09 12:52 PM  

Hey, I was at the track! Let's celebrate next year, eh kiddo?

Adrian 10/6/09 6:12 PM  

eh... surprise!

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