19 May 2009

Oh, José...

You may have seen this already, but it's too good. This is Zlatan Ibrahimović during Inter's game with Siena on Sunday. Zlat, apparently suffering after Inter's title celebrations on Saturday evening, pleads to be taken off by José Mourinho. Mourinho proceeds to use his substitutions one by one, neglecting to withdraw Ibrahimović each time. The pièce de résistance comes when, with the final change, Mourinho opts to swap goalkeepers. Zlatty's reaction is...well, see for yourself. Say what you want about Mourinho, but dude's a showman.


Adrian 20/5/09 7:31 PM  

Legend; hadn't seen that. i know what it feels like to work on a Sunday having been out on a Saturday night, so i'm with Zlatan...

Webbie @ Football and Music 21/5/09 5:09 PM  

I don't care how much it costs, I don't care if some chairman has to sell all his worldly goods and his soul but we have to get Jose back to the Premier League !

Elliott 24/5/09 3:39 PM  

Poor Ibrahimovic - fighting a hangover and a stubborn boss all in front of millions of viewers. He looked really REALLY bad...

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