07 May 2009



We could all probably do with decompressing after the footballistic tumult of the last twenty-four-ish hours. So here's a song: 'Typical Girls' by The Slits.

You could consider this the remnant of a post I nearly wrote, using some lyrics from this song to represent the criticism of Barcelona's post-prandial indigestion last week:

Typical girls get upset too quickly
Typical girls can't control themselves
Typical girls are so confusing
Typical girls, you can always tell
Typical girls don't think too clearly
Typical girls, so unpredictable...

There's a thin line between irony and a self-righteous sense of entitlement, no?

What I love about this clip, apart from the song itself, is that the video clearly cost less than Beyoncé's bottle of water, and consists mainly of the group goofing around on a bandstand, yet is utterly, joyously fabulous.


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