20 April 2009


One feels one should be shocked that anyone could still believe the lies told about the actions of Liverpool fans at Hillsborough on April 15 1989. Then one remembers that it took the Sun fifteen years to apologise for their notorious "THE TRUTH" front page splash; even then, only when backed into a corner, and without passing the up the opportunity to insult their readers' intelligence† in having a go at a rival newspaper group. Since 1989, of course, the editor responsible for the original "exposé" has consistently rowed back on the apology his capo di tutti capi forced him to make, and has gone on to forge a successful career for himself as a media twat-about-town.

That's not to say one should jadedly accept such nonsense. So I doff my figurative cap to The Gaffer, head honcho at EPL Talk. The host of a US sports talk radio show has been — not for the first time, apparently — reciting some of the falsehoods about the disaster which still hang around twenty years on. The Gaffer soberly demolishes his arguments with plain reference to the facts. It's well worth reading, both as a response to the radio host's allegations and as a reminder of the persistence of misinformation and the wilful distortion of history.

Supply your own jokes, folks.


The Gaffer 23/4/09 9:23 PM  

Thanks for the support mate.

The Gaffer

Fredorrarci 23/4/09 9:47 PM  

You're welcome, Gaffer.

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