15 April 2009

If it had been a cheese roll

Allow me, as Peter Drury would say, to nudge you in the direction of The Duckworth Lewis Method, the new venture of Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy and Pugwash's Thomas Walsh. The pair are in the midst of recording an album about cricket, and from the sound of the two tracks previewed on their MySpace site, it's going to be spiffing. Particularly fine is 'Jiggery Pokery', about Shane Warne's legendary dismissal of Mike Gatting in the first Ashes test of 1993. Do give it a listen.

A couple of weeks back, the Guardian's Andy Bull took the opportunity presented by Messers Duckworth and Lewis' partnership to highlight his eleven favourite cricket songs. Included on the list was 'Fuckin' 'Ell, It's Fred Titmus', from Half Man Half Biscuit's debut album, Back in the DHSS. It's all about bumping into to the "England bowler and ex-England selector, slightly deficient in the toe department", and its sporting connection is but an excuse for me to once more post a HMHB song on this site. Enjoy.


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