13 April 2009

The discreet disarming of the bourgeoisie

Okay, this is starting to get a bit weird. The other day, I stumbled upon a YouTube conversation between two ancient Athenians (two dead ancient Athenians, lest clarification be needed). And yesterday evening, I got this email:

from Claude Choiseul (duc.de.choiseul.stainville@gmail.com)
to fredorrarci@gmail.com
date Sun, Apr 12, 1789 at 6:42 PM
subject Re: Trouble amongst the bourgeoisie?
mailed-by gmail.com

Your Royal Highness,

I note, with reference to Your Majesty's correspondence dated the 11th inst., that Your Majesty's concerns may be, praise the Lord, of little foundation, certainly if activities in our parts are to be credited. As Your Majesty knows, portentous word has often reached me of late of the anger amongst the bourgeoisie of Lunéville, directed towards the aristocracy. Some of my more nervous aides have even spoken of the possibility of revolution. However, it now appears that they are content to squabble amongst themselves, and I believe this indicates a weakening of their resolve, which I predict with utter confidence will be demonstrated across the nation in the coming months and years. I am sure Your Majesty's forthcoming stay in the Royal summer residence will not be unduly interrupted!

Your Majesty's humble servant,

Claude Antoine Gabriel, duc de Choiseul-Stainville

Has anyone else been getting these? Is it a virus or something? Is it, dare I ask, one of you, dear readers? You're not pulling some freaky prank on me or something? Look, I know that Jerome Sapir-Whorf's guest post a couple of weeks ago was, um, controversial; but that's no reason to mess with my head like this, surely...


JD,  14/4/09 12:46 AM  

Dude I fell for Sapir-Whorf, but I more or less slapped my head and moved on. Creating the duke of stainville is something else altogether. Though I like the possibility that it's some kind of spam.

Fredorrarci 14/4/09 1:06 PM  

Ah, but I didn't create the Duke.

Fredorrarci 14/4/09 1:18 PM  

(Yes, I research for even the crappiest of posts.)

Fredorrarci 14/4/09 1:21 PM  

...Uh, that is to say, of course, I didn't mean to say research, no no, I, um, etc.

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