05 February 2009

Football + Half Man Half Biscuit = a post on this blog

The latest issue of Tranmere Rovers fanzine Give Us An 'R' contains an interview with Nigel Blackwell, Half Man Half Biscuit's singer and chief songwriter, Tranmere fan and Greatest Living Englishman (if a foreigner such as myself may make so bold a claim). The feature has been posted on the terrific hmhb.co.uk for the benefit of the rest of us. Sample questions and responses:

What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen at the match?:

...I also recall a time when we experimented at free kicks by placing a wall of our own in front of the defending wall but then crucially forgot to part it when we took the kick resulting in the ball simply striking our own men. That was when we were REALLY shit.

Which Club do you most dislike?:

Omonia Nicosia. Predictable perhaps but what can you say....

Also, a couple of months ago, BBC's Football Focus confronted Brad Friedel with a HMHB song, 'I Went to a Wedding...', which mentions the great man (he said, trying to be amicable in the face of Villa's usurpation of a top-four spot). This rare instance of HMHB surfacing in the real world is the type of thing which excites us fans.

For a football-themed example of the Bards of Birkenhead's work, go here.

UPDATE: As pointed out below by the proprietor of the excellent Football and Music, said website has its own collection of HMHB football songs. It's also full to the rafters with all sorts of other football-related songs (as you could probably guess from the title) -- there are far more than you ever thought possible.


Webbie - FootieAndMusic 5/2/09 8:40 PM  

Not even a passing mention of F&M's HMHB coverage. I feel slighted.

Never knew of the Alphabet one, nice. Have to stea....err borrow that and this one sometime.

Fredorrarci 5/2/09 8:49 PM  

Whoops. That's a dreadful oversight on my part. I'll amend the post.

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