17 February 2009

Emotive forces shape the gestalt of the brand identity, or: new gown, same hospital

The investment in our DNA leads to breakthrough innovation and allows us to move out of the traditional linear system and into the future.

The vocabulary of truth and simplicity is a reoccurring phenomena in the brand’s history. It communicates the brand in a timeless manner and with an expression of clarity.

BREATHTAKING is a strategy based on the evolution of 5000+ years of shared ideas in design philosophy creating an authentic Constitution of Design.

Yep, Pepsi have a new logo.

I, on the other hand, Googled "blogger templates" and found this. Nothing too radical, just a bit more legible. And you're less likely to see dots wherever you look for about half an hour after clicking away from this site.

As you can see, I couldn't bear to part with the Ripping Yarns screenshots, so I fashioned them into a rudimentary header.

There won't necessarily be any major shift in direction accompanying this tarting-up exercise. However, I will endeavour to:

* Employ more outlandish metaphors and use punctuation in such a way as to annoy the type of people who get annoyed about that sort of thing. (Hyphens. Lots of hyphens.);

* Mine songs for essentially meaningless lyrics that, when used as a post title, continue to give this blog the pseudo-profundity you've come to expect;

* Have at least one person leave an angry comment calling me a "pretentious twat".

There will probably be some tweaking here and there in the days to come. Frankly, I have little idea about what I'm doing with all this CSS and HTML stuff, so doubtless I've made a catastrophic error somewhere along the way. If you see something I should know about, or if you have any suggestions, do leave a comment or email me at fredorrarci[at]gmail[dot]com.

Now, let's dimensionalise -- exponentially.


Webbie @ Football and Music 18/2/09 4:25 AM  

"pretentious twat".

ah so you did it yourself in the end.

Everything looking fine here.

Brian 18/2/09 11:49 AM  

Looks great from here. I like it a lot better than the new Pepsi logo, and I'm guessing you didn't even have a mid-six-figure budget earmarked for focus groups.

Glad we're not losing the Ripping Yarns sequence, too.

Richard Whittall 18/2/09 6:30 PM  

Wait, so where do I go to get my new flat-top?

Fredorrarci 19/2/09 12:58 AM  

Wait, so where do I go to get my new flat-top?

One must diversify in these straitened times. If you look at the picture below that, you'll notice that I can also have your chosen friend or partner attached to your back by means of straightjacket.

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