12 February 2009


I've half-decided on a kind-of whim that I may be sorta fed up with the look of this here site. So if things look a bit strange over the next few days, it's because I'm messing with code and templates and whatnot. If I find a look I'm happy with, hooray. Otherwise, I'll decide that I really love Dots Dark after all, and we'll forget this sorry episode ever happened.

Of course, if anyone wants to come up with a bespoke design in return for nothing but gratitude, my email address is elsewhere on this page...(Hey, it's worth a shot.)

If, as is worryingly likely, I rip a hole in the fabric of the internet through which appears the digitised ghost of Rudolph Valentino singing lines from Dadaist poetry to the tune of your favourite Motown classics, say hi.


Webbie @ Football and Music 13/2/09 5:54 PM  

I would volunteer my services (webbie isn't just my name it's what I do as well), but I wouldn't touch them Blogger templates with a bargepole.
They are a coding nightmare.

If you ever go Wordpress give me a shout.

Fredorrarci 14/2/09 8:56 PM  

I hadn't actually expected anyone to reply to that...

Cheers anyway. I've made my Blogger bed and I'll have to lie in it, incredibly annoying error codes and all.

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