15 January 2009

Hi, Pulitzer Prize

My first, and probably last, foray into investigative journalism -- if some Google searches and email exchanges count as investigative journalism -- is now up on Soccerlens. Learn:

*why the world's thirtieth most promising young footballer is not what he seems!

*that you shouldn't believe everything you read!

*some basic Moldovan geography and Irish vocab!

So, off with you, then.


Richard Whittall 15/1/09 4:07 PM  

Um, Fred, you do know this piece has been linked NUMBER ONE on the Guardian's Sport Blog's favourite things this week?


Fredorrarci 15/1/09 4:12 PM  

I hereby announce my retirement from blogging...

Fredorrarci 15/1/09 5:14 PM  

Holy mother of divine...


Richard Whittall 15/1/09 5:47 PM  

And Fred, it gets better!


Word Verification: Duper !!!

Fredorrarci 15/1/09 5:49 PM  

I need a lie-down or a drink or a drink while lying down or something...

Anonymous,  15/1/09 6:09 PM  

your article was fantastic. Loved it. The Gurdian wrote a piece on it as well. Congrats!

Anonymous,  15/1/09 6:34 PM  

Does it say something about the state of contemporary blogging that we can simultaneously revel in knocking the MSM down a peg and then revel when the MSM links to us for it?

I don't care, I'm reveling anyway.

Fredorrarci 15/1/09 7:35 PM  

Hey, let's revel. They just mentioned it on Off The Ball, a radio show I actually listen to (and link to in my blogroll).

They didn't mention the source, though. They didn't even call me up to give a blow-by-blow account of my intrepid quest of discovery, or offer me a job, or anything.

Anonymous,  15/1/09 7:42 PM  

Don't get me wrong, I'm reveling! This was an amazing piece of work.

Anonymous,  15/1/09 9:42 PM  

Nicely done.

Webbie - FootieAndMusic 16/1/09 3:18 PM  

Holy crap what have you started !

I've spotted mentions of your article in 10 different places.

Fredorrarci 16/1/09 3:24 PM  

Don't I know it. I've been spending much of the last 24 hours refreshing a Google search for "Masal Bugduv"...

Anonymous,  20/1/09 12:28 PM  

Congratulations, thought that was a fantastic piece of work, especially in the middle of all the Kaka hysteria.

You were duly praised on our site!

Fredorrarci 20/1/09 1:46 PM  

Cheers, Mark -- appreciate it.

Fredorrarci 20/1/09 3:16 PM  

And cheers to everyone else, by the way, before my bad manners totally get the better of me.

Marco Pantanella 25/1/09 5:07 PM  

Awesome work Fred. This story is unbelievable. I'd say it's time to strike the iron while it's still hot....

Fred: "Hello? The Times? Neil McDonnell speaking, the guy who uncovered the My Little Donkey hoax. Say, I had a small request for you... I was wondering... could I be so bold and ask you fire the guy who wrote the original piece, and hire me in his place?"

Marco Pantanella 25/1/09 5:16 PM  

By the way, in case you missed it (unlikely I know), The Times *kinda* acknowledged their mistake the following day (but only at the blog level).

Fredorrarci 25/1/09 9:39 PM  

Thanks, Marco. Yeah, I saw the Times apology. It was a bit sneaky just putting it their blog, alright.

I wonder if the list was in the print version of the Times? There is a part of me which would like to have been responsible for an official correction in Britain's paper of record...

Oh, and the Times couldn't afford me. As you can no doubt tell from the slick and not-at-all-amateurish look of this site, Sport Is A TV Show is a money-generating machine which employs upwards of 10,000 people in 12 global locations. Official T-shirt sales from the last week alone bought my the diamond-encrusted laptop on which I'm typing this very comment.

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