20 January 2009

Another hoax?

So Masal Bugduv doesn't exist. And according to Richard Whittall, not many players do, at least not in the way we often think they do.

So someone answer me this: what about Andrei Arshavin?

I mean, that delightful footballer we saw against Sweden and Holland last June -- if they could fake parts of the Olympic opening ceremony, couldn't he just have been a hologram or something? Were we all part of some mass hypnosis experiment? Is the media conference announcing his arrival at Arsenal on February 1st going to be interrupted by a Russian TV crew bursting into the room and saying "Smile, you're on Candid Camera!"?


Steve,  22/1/09 4:36 PM  

As a mere commenter I can only hope to bask in your reflected glory. At least I can congratulate you belatedly for all the recognition you've received for your excellent detective work. Brian did a good job, too, making the connection to the little ass story.

I was hoping to follow your lead in figuring an anagram. The best I could do was one for "Moldovian Masal Bugduv". Turns out "Summon a global dud. Viva!" fits. At least it's more plausible than another one I found: "Mum dubs doll Ova Vagina."

Fredorrarci 22/1/09 5:45 PM  

Congratulations gratefully acknowledged. Nice work on the anagrams -- "Summon a global dud. Viva!" is a very nice précis of the story. I'd be interested to know what a psychoanalyst would make of the other one, though...

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