29 December 2008

Superman would like an apology from all those who doubted him

The S-Man told you what's what back in September, and if you're still unsure whether Shay Given is someone you could depend on with your life, you mustn't have seen him against Liverpool yesterday. I'm not really into the whole "Player X is the best player in the world!" thing, but I'll say this: it's still as much of a privilege to watch him play now as at any point in the last decade. While lesser goalkeepers get lauded for two or three good games that Match of the Day choose to highlight, Given has been consistently magnificent forever, and it's a shame this isn't more widely recognised.

Video from Myspace via 101 Great Goals.


Richard Whittall 29/12/08 9:08 PM  

Agreed. I also liked how in very anti-Premiership fashion he didn't appear to berate his defenders after every miracle save.

Worthy of Patrick Roy.

Fredorrarci 29/12/08 9:30 PM  

I suppose that eleven years of playing behind Newcastle defenders has taught him the futility of such behaviour.

Is it just me or does that video load very slowly indeed? There is a briefer, quicker highlight reel here.

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