09 December 2008


The Beeb apparently don't allow their videos to be embedded, so go here for a look at the new musical based on the life of Shane Warne called What An SMS I'm In. I really am lost for anything to add, so I'll leave it at that...


Richard Whittall 12/12/08 12:23 PM  

This reminds me of when Brass Eye faked that production of 'Sutcliffe: the Musical' much to everyone's horror.

And if that's what they used for the promo, imagine what they're keeping from us!

Fredorrarci 12/12/08 5:06 PM  

God, I'd forgotten about that Sutcliffe thing, but you're right. Mind you, Warne has done some bad things in his time but he's not quite in that league...

Happy birthday to AMSL, by the way.

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