17 December 2008

Clough vs. Revie

I'd heard about this TV appearance featuring Brian Clough and Don Revie, dating from shortly after Clough's calamitous 44-day tenure in charge of Leeds United. But I'd never seen it before I discovered it today via a comment on a post on the Guardian blog (h/t to one BrazilBranch). I would dearly love to see the whole interview, but even this brief clip is almost frightening: see at 1:08 how Clough says, "I wanted to do something you hadn't done". The tension is fierce.

If you haven't read David Peace's The Damned United, a biographical novel about Clough's time at Leeds, or Provided You Don't Kiss Me, a portrait of Clough at Nottingham Forest by Duncan Hamilton, allow me to be completely unoriginal and recommend them to you. Incidentally, I read the former this time last year, so I now associate Christmas with its tar-black portrayal of the inner Clough. Which can't be healthy, can it?


Jim 17/12/08 5:36 PM  

Don Revie. The most loathsome character in football history. Apart from Scudamore.

Fredorrarci 18/12/08 1:44 AM  

This is all before my time, but I would certainly side with Clough against Revie. Part of the reason this wee clip is so fascinating, though, is that Clough appears to be so much more eloquent than Revie, and uses the fact mercilessly. I'm not sure whether that's something admirable or not, though if I felt as strongly about Revie as you, Jim, perhaps that wouldn't bother me.

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