14 October 2008

Kinda, sorta, not quite a links post

I'm kind of hesitant about doing one of those posts full of links to pieces on other websites that I like. The enormous increase of volume which would result on said sites would surely blow up their servers, and I would be faced with the bills. I mean, it's not as if the sickening amount of beautiful, beautiful euro that this blog generates couldn't cover the cost, but I'm afraid I have an army of employees and servants to keep fed and watered here at Sport Is A TV Show Plaza, and there have been dark mutterings lately about "getting the union involved", whatever that means.

So I'm going for a bonsai version of the idea. You're getting a whopping two (2) links, you lucky people.

Firstly, Simon Barnes in The Times. I should say that I only watched the first half of the England-Kazakhstan game - I felt that if I was going to fall asleep I may as well not do it to the sound of Clive Tyldesley's voice. So I may be talking nonsense when I suggest this: if all the goals had been scored in the first half, with the score 5-1 at the break, would people still have been underwhelmed as they seem to have been?

Secondly, from Federation Soccer, a hot stock tip for troubled times.

And for getting this far, a bonus: 'Behave' by Charlotte Hatherley. Nothing to do with sport, it's just great. End communication.


Richard Whittall 14/10/08 7:54 PM  

Ah yes, the blinged out life of a self-published football blogger. You've changed man...

Fredorrarci 14/10/08 9:17 PM  

I'm sorry, but Fredorrarci is unavailable to reply personally to this comment, as he is currently enjoying an evening of stockbroker wrestling, lighting cigars with one €500 note and rolling up another one for use by his date, Kate Moss. He apologises for the inconvenience. Your comment is valuable to us!

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