09 September 2008

Free Stevie

The burden of collective responsibility has weighed humanity down. What is considered by many to be 'noble' or 'good' is, in fact, merely a construct designed to restrain the truly great. It is a conspiracy of deception born out of deep jealousy. Those who dare to strive for a world without the suffocating responsibility foisted upon them by the self-appointed custodians of morality are grounded in order to maintain the status quo: a distorted reality in which the 'common good' takes priority over individual freedom.

He who submits his talent to the greater community is already defeated. He has allowed himself to be taken in by the illusion conjured by the institutions who pretend to wisdom in order to subjugate the free will of the individual. He is ground down to their measly level. The triumph of the collective is no triumph, for it perpetuates the shackling of the gifted, of he whose destiny has been stolen from him. It passes on the mutant gene which values the diseased traditions of altruism more highly than the pursuit of rugged egoism.

There is only one course for the true hero: he must stare authority down until he becomes authority. This is more than simply an option - it is a duty. The world is not just going to open the door for him - he must ram-raid the joint. The world exists only as a contrast to his greatness. Only the strongest can destroy the bonds which enslave them. Only the most intelligent realise that history is the story of great men. It is the individuals whose spirits live on while the cretinous masses are lucky if they become a question in a pub quiz. No-one remembers the names of the legionaries who conquered Gaul. No-one erects statues of roadsweepers. No-one puts a team photo on a billboard.

This is a plea. This is a petition, a call to arms, a warning. This is a cry to rally behind the one true hero this sorry, shrivelled raisin of a planet has. The world has had enough of jogo bonito - we need more Joga Bonito. Do you hear us, Fabio? We've had enough of your 'left-wing' nonsense! Let us cast aside our fetters! It's time to rise up and FREE STEVIE!


Brian 10/9/08 1:14 AM  

See, now this is exactly what I've been trying to say about Harry Redknapp.

Fredorrarci 10/9/08 4:50 PM  

On looking through your documentation of Harry's invincibility, I realise I may have been guilty of some unconscious Flickr plagiarism. Oops.

Brian 10/9/08 9:06 PM  

I don't think there is such a thing as Flickr plagiarism (at least I hope there isn't). I just meant that your post did a brilliant job of expressing the heroic, Nietzschean, shrugging-Atlas view of genius unjustly persecuted that informs both the saga of Steven Gerrard's positional mentality and more or less the entire career of Harry Redknapp.

Fredorrarci 11/9/08 1:37 AM  

Whatever about the plagiarism, I actually got the photo by searching Flickr for 'ayn rand'. I'm not necessarily saying that Steven Gerrard subscribes to objectivist thinking, but there definitely something iffy about him.

Brian 11/9/08 12:19 PM  

Definitely. And you should see his architecture.

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