23 August 2008

Olympic Memories: They'll never take our...

With the fortnight that's in it, Sport Is A TV Show presents the first in a series of one classic moment in Olympic history. And because we're feeling all contrary and enigmatic (for instance, witness our use of the first person plural in this post) this clip is from the Winter games of 2006 - an innocent time when the average life expectancy of a YouTube Olympic clip was greater than 9.69 seconds. It features the women's snowboard cross final, and it goes thus:


Steve 26/8/08 3:20 PM  

I remember it well. The hotdogging element of US sporting life was given a big fat comeuppance. (Please resist the temptation to lump all us Yanks in the same category. I myself have never lost a race by showing off at the end.)

Fredorrarci 27/8/08 11:24 PM  

You're not going to like my next post: 50 Flashy Yanks Who Got Crushed by the Hands of Fate (each illustrated by a YouTube clip featuring a hysterical English commentator).

Steve 28/8/08 7:36 PM  

You can find plenty of clips, too, where English interviewers approach Yanks of a certain ilk whenever some depraved act was committed. The witnesses will say things like: "Yup, that boy don't even know what he done. Now evathin' is messed up bad."

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