17 July 2008

What summer is all about

Y'see, this is why you wade through acres of transfer rumours every day.


Steve 18/7/08 3:01 PM  

So does Uzbekistan have oil billionaires, too?

The princely sum he'd be paid there would be especially high compared to the income per capita. According to wikipedia (which on my machine is *not* in a surreal state), the average in 2006 was $610 (or 385 Euros) per person.

Richard Whittall 18/7/08 3:13 PM  

This may not the end either; the club's website has this --

"Dear fans of football continue to expect pleasant surprises of PFC Kuruvchi!"

I would like some pleasant surprises of Aston Villa one these days to.

Richard Whittall 18/7/08 3:14 PM  

that's 'one of these days too.' The computer ghosts again...

fredorrarci 18/7/08 11:19 PM  

I consider myself quite an educated football fan - well, I read World Soccer anyway - but the only vaguely football-related thing I know about Uzbekistan is Alisher Usmanov (blood billionaire?).

I suppose we must assume that Eto'o has always wanted to win the Asian Champions League.

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