20 July 2008

Summertime's here and I've got no hassle, I could be a goth on a bouncy castle

No smart-arsery, no ham-fisted satire, no quixotic attempts to figure out what it all means. Just a silly dance in front of the telly, a post headline half-inched from Birkenhead's finest and a gammy-limbed salute (the gammy limb being the season's must-have golfing accessory) to Pádraig Harrington, once again winner of the British Open. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to skip merrily in the woods for a while. Tra-la-la la-la la-la.....


Steve 21/7/08 3:07 PM  

That was quite a tournament. I'm happy Padraig won, even though I thought going into the final round that I wanted the great white (or at least very blond) shark to take it. I find myself pulling for the few competitors out there who are older than me. Norman was not up to the task, though. When 40 MPH winds unsteady your game, your head should not follow suit. Harrington met the challenge well--a great champion.

Harrington comes from a very athletic family, it seems. His father played Gaelic football for Cork. Plus, cousin Joey is a quarterback in the NFL.

fredorrarci 21/7/08 10:36 PM  

I'd say he keeps a bit quiet about the Joey connection these days...

Probably the only people in the world who didn't want Norman to win were the Irish, though even then I doubt that many, if any, would have begrudged him the win. It would have been a beautiful story.

Harrington was mightily impressive. In conditions that had some whining all week (or at least until they got the 'plane home on Friday evening), he played to a consistently high standard. Poulter's run towards the end of the fourth round was a hell of a mental test, but my word, did he ever pass it.

I think that even were we not compatriots I would be rooting for Harrington. He's not particularly thrilling or anything, but he's just an all-round good guy. He carries himself well and is 100% bullshit-free. It's remarkable how open and honest he is about himself; this isn't something I find essential in my admiration of sportspeople (I like my enigmatic geniuses as much as the next person) but it's very endearing in Harrington.

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