30 July 2008

Diary of a Slave

Friday September 19

Today was even worse than yesterday. There was guy carrying a big bag of metal sticks. He carefully chose one at took it out. What he did then left me scars that will never heal, so long as I live...he handed it to me and told me to hit this little white ball that was perched on a peg in the ground. And there were thousands of sick bastards standing all around, all waiting for me to humiliate myself for their entertainment. It went on for hours. I must have hit that thing seventy times if it was once. You never imagine that you can be so degraded but...well, I know better now.

The worst part of it all is that afterwards we had to sit down and eat this dinner - not a little dinner either, but a massive one. I can hardly move for all the high-quality food I've been cruelly forced to eat. Tomorrow, I have to do it all again. Hopefully I'll survive another twenty-four hours and have the chance to write the next entry in my infernal journal.


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