19 June 2008

Corporate re-branding exercise

Over the course of the last fortnight, I've been slaving away, wading through a swamp of thick, gloopy HTML in a effort to create a distinctive appearance for Sport Is A TV Show. No sooner had I finished than I discovered that my days of toil had, by complete and utter co-incidence, created a look identical to blogger.com's own Dots Dark template. What are the odds?

I've also added some of these new-fangled labels to help you navigate through my several posts.

The focus group says you'll love it. If not, let me know, and I'll hire a new focus group to tell me what you like.


Steve 20/6/08 4:08 PM  

My own opinion should count for very little, but your new design looks good. It is remarkable that someone else came up with the same template. What are the odds?

The green and orange in your design I'll attribute to Irish loyalty. The light blue is harder to figure. Is it a soft spot for Man City, or, heaven forfend, Argentina?

fredorrarci 21/6/08 12:06 AM  

The orange is for Dutch football, which I've fallen back in love with.

The green is the envy I feel for Manchester United's success this season.

The blue is for the ocean by which the Ireland players are sunning themselves right now. Oh, and for Argentina (why 'heaven forfend', Steve?)

Steve,  21/6/08 4:00 AM  

Maybe I've known too many Argentines to have anything but a low opinion of them. There's scarcely an ounce of honor among them. As a footballing nation, they're as guileful as they come. Of course, the hand of God is the most famous example, but every duplicitous dive and every paroxysm of anguish is testament to the fact.

The truth is, I'm just having fun posing as an Argiephobe. I actually kind of liked some of their recent stars -- Zanetti, Veron, and especially Messi. If anything, I'm a xenophile.

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